Wednesday, 11 February 2009


To achieve origami and paper cutout feel, I need to mix different modelling techniques. Flat objects are mainly done with create polygon tool and then given a more spatial form with with lattice tool. 3D objcts are mainly polygons or NURBS.

( Maya- animation menu- create deformers-lattice (define points))

This is the same scene, but here are background planes already finished. The lower part is mainly done with nurb modelling as it is much easier to reshape into a papery look and also the surfaces are much more smooth when the light hits them.


The lotus flower and fish body are made out of polygons. the folds on fish body were very hard to make. I used cut faces tool and adjusted each edge separately, to give it paper feel. All the rest of parts of fish are NURBS, except eyes. The lotus leaves are done with cut polygon tool in 2 halves, then merged together. The lotus petal was made out of polys and then duplicated with a special option (edit- duplicate special). To achieve organic paper look (all the folds, transparency, fragility,...) I used NURB modelling with the compilation of Polys (the fish body is all made out of polygons using "cut polygon tool, to add edegs- this was ...hell of a torture!)

The lotus leave is also poly...but this time done in 2 halves with create polygon tool, then combined and merged, then formed into an organic shape with lattice tool.

Here we go: 2 more scenes that I have to model as Ajdin Barucija in the middle of sudden decided not to co-operate on my project (in week 7!) and despite dissertation hand-in, I have to replace them in one weekend:

I am planning to make very complex LIGHTING in these scenes, a lot of light linking, but before that even more complicated thing- UV mapping and texturing!