Saturday, 20 June 2009



Similarly also supports the passage between two worlds. It is more theatrical and sharp creating more inevitable feel of hospital scenes and on the other side light brightness creating the atmospheric feel of dreamlike landscape. For the second one I used a lot of glowing effects and played around with the depth field options of the camera lense.

To achieve versatile light effects I decided to do light linking (Window- Relationship editors- Light Liking- Light- centric.) in every scene, which was absolute pain as once we assign one object to the certain light, we also need to exclude all the rest of the objects. This needs to be done right after modeling as if we bring another object into the scene at that point- that means that all the lighting needs to be re-linked. Linking also enabled me to assign fog to just certain lights (objects ) and the same with reflections in the water.

A lot of objects (lights in the hospital scenes for instance) are actually enlightened within themselves with the help of texture attributes like glow, incandescence and specular. shading, so they aren't really enlightened by separate light, which saved us rendering time. Light linking also doesn't provide any shadows, which is why everything needed to be rendered out on layers in order to drop shadows in After Effects.I also noticed that in case I use matted option when importing layers into AF, the lights get completely different as if I use " matted- premultiplied" option.

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