Tuesday, 23 June 2009


As a scuba diving guide I often get to guide a group of people that I have never seen before on an unknown terrain. This is a hugh responsibility. There have often been strong currents against us or we had other issues connected with mistrust, lackage of self-confidence or experience. There were several times that I simply wanted to stop and surface, but so far ... I have always pulled myself together and brought them all safe and sound to the end.

I have feeling that guiding my final year degree film team throughout the year was prety much the same thing. I was given a chance to work with people that I have never worked with before. There have been many troubles (from personal to technical) and there has been a lot against us, but we didn't give up.

Despite all the pressures we managed to finally pull ourselves together and create a beautiful film. It is true it is not finished yet, but it is done.

Thank you for that all! And I wish you a very successful future.

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